For the longest time, I lived in Chicago. Which meant that if I had a car, I’m most likely parking on the street unless I paid for a garage spot, which I didn’t. I also played hockey; specifically, I’m a goalie. Between my equipment and the snow, my 2007 Honda Civic wasn’t cutting it for me anymore.

I went to the Chicago Auto Show trying to see which SUV I wanted. At the time, Tesla Model X was just announced, and it was more than I was willing to spend on a car. I wanted either get a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Nissan Pathfinder.

Sometime later I saw Tesla was offering a test drive on their Model S. I decided to check it out. I had zero expectations on the car. All I can say, it was the best car I’ve ever driven. That was when I decided that I would get a Tesla. So when Tesla announced the Model 3, I put my reservation in.

There was one problem. I was still parking on the street. I also worked from home. I had no way to charge my car. However, I already knew at this point that I was going to move to San Diego. Public transportation isn’t like how it is in Chicago. I had one advantage, the place I worked had a ChargePoint where I can charge my car for free.

However, I still live in the city, not far from downtown. Parking is at a premium here. Every time I see articles and vlogs of Tesla, almost everyone has access to charging their car at home in their garages. Living in a major city, I can attest that this doesn’t represent the masses that live in urban areas. Many people in actual urban settings don’t have a garage where they can easily charge their car. Moreover, if the car aims to be the car for the masses, it needs to be somewhat comfortable for folks to charge their vehicles.

I know I’ll face some challenges owning an EV. The closest supercharger is about 15 miles away from me. So I’ll have to rely on other charging stations. As I document my journey as a first time EV driver, I hope this can help folks like me to see if owning an EV is feasible for them. I’ll also be comparing my the cost of owning between my Civic and my Model 3.