Tesla Referral Program was coming to an end on July 31st. The referral program gave free supercharging to the Model S and X, but the Model 3 was left out of the program. As July 31st came, Tesla extended the program to September 16th. They also included the Performance Model 3 if you purchase by September 16th. Otherwise, you will get it free for 1 year. This is likely because the Performance Model 3 has a more significant profit margin, and at this stage for Tesla, they need more money to flow in.

That got me wondering, is the Performance package by itself worth it for the free supercharging? Did I make a mistake by putting my order in early and not picking the Performance package? Remember, I decided not to choose the Performance Model 3 because I didn’t want to buy a Model 3 that cost as much as a Model S. It had nothing to do with whether I could afford it or not. I’ve also never purchased a car that cost more than $30k before, so I was comfortable with the AWD version. So to determine if this perk was worth it for me, I decided to do some math.

Looking at the Tesla’s site, in California, it costs $0.26 per kWh. We know the long-range battery is 75 kWh. If we were to charge this battery from 0 to 100% fully, it would cost approximately $19.50 (75kWh * $0.26/kWh). The performance package cost $11,000 extra. So for this cost, we can charge the battery about 564 times ($11,000 / $19.50). We also know that this battery has a range of 310 miles. So for $11k, we would need to drive 174,872 miles just to break even if we only used the Tesla Supercharger to charge the battery. If you remember from my other post, I drove my Civic for 11 years and only reached 166k. So it would probably take me 12 or more years to reach this mileage.

Most people will either be charging at home or work. I don’t see anyone exclusively charging at Tesla’s Supercharging stations. So does that mean you shouldn’t get the Performance package? Not at all. If you can afford it and want the best Model 3, then, by all means, get it. The free supercharging shouldn’t sway your decision one way or another. It’s just an added perk at that point. So am I feeling any remorse as someone that is exclusively using destination chargers? Absolutely not. Even though I have to pay for it, the cost would be so low that I won’t have any regrets about my decision! Let me know what you think!

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