“Holy sh*t!!!” That was what came out of my mouth. I just picked up the car, and I needed to get on the highway. Perfect time to open her up, right?

“Holy sh*t!!!” As I entered the entrance lane of the 805, I looked behind to see if anyone was there. With cars quite a ways behind me, I knew I could slow down my car to under 20 mph. Not a real 0-60 test, but I wanted to see what she can do nonetheless. I pushed down on the accelerator.

“Holy sh*t!!!” I can feel the Gs pushing back against my body. I can feel my body push against the seat. I can feel my heart beating faster. I can sense my blood coursing through my veins. I can sense the air getting out of my lungs.

“Holy sh*t!!!” The involuntary response I had, the only thing I could say. I felt like I just got shot out of a rocket. It was like I was on a rollercoaster. I looked over to the speedometer, I was already at 80 and still on the entrance lane.

“Holy sh*t!!!” I slowly let go of the accelerator pedal and let the car to slow down. My body no longer pressed against the seat. My heart is still racing. And all I can do was muster a laugh.

“Holy sh*t!!!” This is gonna be fun!