I’ve had the car for a little over a month. One week it was in a shop. The next week I was in SF. I’ve done 1000 miles in basically 2 weeks. What can I say after a month and 1000 miles? It was fun. I’ve had lots of people that want to drive in my car. Lots of people that stare at my car. I can tell you, it’s the best car in the world.

From the instant torque and fast acceleration, it’s definitely been fun. Since owning the car, I’ve had two OTA updates. Not only did that make my car better, but it also made it safer! How many manufacturers can say that? If you are thinking about it, let me help you with that one: only Tesla does this.

There are two things however I want to cover on this post. First is how much I paid for charging thus far. Home charging isn’t “free.” There’s a cost associated with it. The second is range anxiety. I’ve had many come to me and tell me to be careful while I use this for my commute.

So let’s tackle the first one. How much did I pay? Like I mentioned before, I do try to charge at work every day. And I actually don’t try to charge at home during the week, unless I know I have a long trip ahead of me that weekend.

Calculating the cost can be tricky. But if you know your rate and how long it took to charge, we can get an estimate. So far I paid $27.76 to charge at home. At my work, I’ve charged for free and even did 1 supercharging while making a more extended trip. The average gas price currently right now in San Diego is $3.84 according to AAA. If you remember, I was averaging 26.4 MPG on my Civic. So if we do the math, I would have been paying $111.76 on gas for the same distance! In just 1000 miles, I’ve saved $84 in the first month alone!! I’ll be saving at the pace of $1,008 per year; more if I drive than 1000 miles per month!

So as we can tell, driving electric is completely efficient; so let’s talk about range anxiety. When you first switch to EV, I think it’s fair to say that you’ll go through some type of range anxiety. I’ve had a co-worker mention to me that they didn’t get a chance to charge at work and barely made it home. The last thing you want to do is get stuck with a dead battery. It’s not like you can walk to the nearest gas station.

But my experience has been different. As I’ve been driving, my anxiety has decreased to the point of non-existence. I have to drive 22 miles to get to work. On a single charge, I can make it to work and back multiple times without me even having to worry about it.

On longer trips, I’ve had people essentially say how EVs are not efficient. I can tell you from experience, I don’t feel that with Teslas. When you have an ICE car, you have to stop for gas eventually. Most likely this isn’t where you need to take a break. So you’ll have to wait around for about 10 mins to fill up your car and possibly make another break while taking a break.

On our recent trip to Temecula, we stopped at a Supercharging station. It was located at a mall. We also were hungry. So while we parked the car and had it charging, we were able to go to a restaurant, order food and take bathroom breaks. By the time we got back, the car was charged and ready to go. It’s has been extremely efficient. In the coming weeks, we are making a trip to LA and Santa Barbara, which will be testing the Model 3’s range even further! I’m still looking forward to making my way to San Francisco this year as well!