On my previous post, I did an experiment to see if I can only charge at work. This is a continuation of that where I continued off the weekend where I didn’t plug in my car at all. So in these weeks, I’m starting off of a deficit, unlike the previous week of this experiment where I started at 90%. So let’s take a look at how I fared.

Day 8: Nov 5

On this day, I started pretty low. Some of the ChargePoint plugs were still down, so the 3-hour limit was initiated. Even still, I couldn’t get on a charger, so I had to drive home without charging. Typical Monday at our office, where there are quite a few people looking to charge.

Day 8: Nov 6

The next day I got lucky. All but one of the ChargePoint plugs were working, so the 3-hour limit was lifted. I was able to charge until I left the office.

Day 9: Nov 7

On Wednesday, I was able to charge my car. But I was not lucky enough to get on a charger early. I was able to charge some, but not all the way. I was also driving a bit after work which put an extra drain on the battery.

Day 10: Nov 8

Because of my drive the previous night, I got to work with a low battery. When I got on the charger, I knew it would a long time to charge. Lucky for me, there was a happy hour at work. I was able to leave my car on the charger and come back to it later in the evening.

Day 11: Nov 9

Finally, on the last day, I was able to charge again. Fridays are usually not as busy as many individuals work from home. I was able to charge all the way up to 80% before heading out for the night!

In Conclusion

Even with not charging on Monday, I was able slowly able to get back to full by the end of the week. Based on my commute, I need to charge about 3 hours a day at work to get back to full. However, since I didn’t charge over the weekend and Monday, I was playing catch up all week.

If your only option is to charge at work, you have to make sure that you can be at your charger long enough to make up the difference. Unlike your home, there might be other people that need the charger. So you can’t just leave it on for 6+ hours and call it a day. You’ll need to be prepared to stop by the Supercharger or other chargers for those worst case scenarios.

With that said, I still continue to charge my car at work exclusively during the week. I don’t typically drive much during the weekend. I either walk, ride a bike, take a scooter or Lyft everywhere I need to go. This is pretty typical for most people that live in the city. During these times, I stick my car on a 110V plug and slowly charge my car. Between this and my car, I have my car pretty much covered!

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