Now that we are in the new year, we all know that the Federal Tax Credit dropped from $7,500 to $3,750. Tesla responds by lowering the price to their cars by $2,000. This is the second time we’ve seen the price drop for Performance Model 3. There are a lot of people that are upset, for a good reason. I get it, it sucks to get a premium product and see the price drop just months after getting it. So I wanted to dive into the numbers and see how much I would have saved (if any) had I waited.

Throughout the months of ownership, not all components of the price stayed the same. Though the base price may have dropped, the cost of paint & doc fees increased. For my comparison, I configured the same exact specs as I did when I purchased mine. As we know, the performance upgrade is now included, but new cars don’t have the Free Unlimited Supercharging & Premium Connectivity. My car has both of these options.

I also included Full Self-Driving in the comparison. Even though it’s not available through the configuration screen, you can still add it by calling Tesla. Below is the breakdown on the pricing. In the analysis, I also included the Federal Tax Credit.

For the same configuration, would save a total of $2,550 had I ordered today. That a good chunk of change. We also, know that Tesla is willing to refund $5,000 for the Premium Upgrade if we are willing to part way with the Free Unlimited Supercharging.

If I were to part ways with the Free Supercharging, that would bring the cost of what I paid for my Performance Model 3 cheaper than what I would have cost today. To be precise, it would $2,450 cheaper. So in the end, I still feel like I didn’t get screwed over by Tesla. Whether I decide to keep my Free Unlimited Supercharging still remains to be seen.

Up to this point, I’ve charged 10 times at 7 locations. I’ve had an estimated savings of $52.04. At this rate, it would take about 12 years for me to make up that difference if I were to keep the free Supercharging. 3 new Superchargers are opening near me, so my usage might increase. But I’ll delve into this more at a later time.

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