I’ve have owned my Model 3 for roughly 3 months. During the last 108 days of ownership, I’ve mostly charged at work or at a supercharger. On a couple of occasions, I have charged at home, but that is not ideal. If you remember from my earlier post, charging at my apartment is extremely slow. Also, many folks that live in the city doesn’t have a garage or even an outlet to plug their car into. Therefore my charging has been limited to when I’m away from home or in need of an extra charge before heading out. I crunched the numbers of my cost of ownership, so let’s dive in.

Miles Driven4,102
Cost of charging at home$112.45
Average cost of my old 07 Civic ($3.50/g)$542.62
Savings by charging at work (free)$119.90
Savings by using Supercharger (free)$52.04
Savings through destination charging (free)$13.44
Total Savings by switching to EV$615.55

In 2018, I’ve charged my car at work about 40 times. I’ve used the Supercharger network about 10 times, most of which were during my road trip. I didn’t have to use any of the paid chargers, but I did once use the free Volta charger and did charge at the house we were staying when we went to Pismo Beach. All that, I’ve saved a little over $600 in about 3 months! At this rate, I’ll be over $2,000k/year of savings!

What’s next for me now that we are going to 2019? I now plan to just strictly use the Supercharger networks and the chargers at work and see how far I can go. I still stand by the fact that if Tesla wants to be a mass market manufacturer, it needs to solve the urban areas. Charging has to be as easy, if not better, than pumping gas in an ICE vehicles. Tesla is definitely poising themselves in the right direction!

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