I haven’t talked about any of my updates before. Being new to Tesla ownership, I didn’t really get a firm grasp of what I was stepping into. I’m a tech guy, work in a software company, I see updates all the time. But Tesla is different. And you really don’t understand it unless you have it.

In just over 6 months of ownership, I’ve had 10 software updates! And it’s not just firmware or bug fixes, my car added new features. It’s truly something that other legacy car companies are falling behind in.

Essentially Tesla is selling a car for a single price and making it better every couple of weeks with free updates. On March 27th, I got 2019.8.3. I’m going to dig a little of what came into this update!

Peak Power Increase

Let’s talk about this! 5% MOAR POWER! To every Model 3 in the fleet. It wasn’t enough that my Model 3 felt like a rocket, it’s now faster! Now, to be fair, I do have a Performance Model 3. “Feeling” a 5% difference is gonna be hard, but a few actually have measured the times and did see a 0-60 times faster by a tenth of a second!

Autosteer Stop Light Warning

Now we are getting closer to Full Self-Driving. If you have Autosteer enabled, it’ll alert you audibly and visually that you need to stop. It’s not an active system where it’ll stop for you. If we dig further, you’ll see that Tesla is slowly changing their stance on using Autopilot on surface streets.

Previously, Tesla would mention that Autopilot should not be used on surface roads. But this warning is coming out could mean one of two things. First, they know people aren’t listening to the disclaimer and want to use this as a warning system. Or two, they are edging closer and closer to FSD, that they want to start rolling warning systems out first. I believe it’s the latter.

Summon with Key Fob

Now the key fob supports summons! No more fumbling around with your phone to move the car in and out of the parking spot. With Advanced Summons feature coming around the corner, I might actually decide to get a key fob now!

Anything else?

I believe this update also allows faster charging now at the Supercharger. If there’s a V3 supercharger, it would be able to handle the full 250 kW peak power output. For V2, it would go up to 145 kW, up from 120 kW. My guess also is that the urban Superchargers would see an increase from the 72 kW, but I’m not sure about that. I only have urban Superchargers around me and haven’t seen much of a change. Forgot to look when I charged on Sunday, but speeds were above 300 miles per hour at one point, but that could just be me rolling into the Supercharger at 6% state of charge.

Over the weekend, I was able to go to on a mini road-trip as well. I drove from San Diego to SpaceX to LAX to Downtown LA on Saturday where we stayed at an AirBnB over night. We then drove from DTLA to Temecula and back to San Diego on Sunday. All while on Navigate on Autopilot. I must say that Navigate on Autopilot is getting better with each release.

Only had one issue while driving back home when it did a phantom brake while next to a RV that was carrying a trailer. I think the trailer might have swung over and it went through preventive measures. Other than that, lane merges and the drive was really smooth, especially in traffic! I’m loving the updates as they come through!

If you find anything else, I would love to hear it!

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