Literally 8 days after I got the 2019.8.3 update, I got a nice surprise and got 2019.8.5. This update has two new options: the first enables selecting Navigate on Autopilot at the beginning of every trip; the second was to have lane change confirmation.

Previously before, Navigate on Autopilot just had speed based lane changes (and it even had a mode called Mad Max). The common misconception is that this refers to how aggressive the lane changes are. But reality it’s just how often the lane changes occur.

Navigate on Autopilot can be customized to your preference, including four settings for speed based lane changes (Disabled, Mild, Average, or Mad Max).

When enabled, Navigate on Autopilot will suggest lane changes into faster moving lanes in the event that your Model 3 is traveling slower than your desired set speed. The mild setting suggests lane changes when you’re traveling significantly slower than your set speed. Changing this setting does not affect the safety of the lane change.

Let’s talk about the other two options. “Enable At Start of Every Trip” is something I’ve been long waiting for with Navigate on Autopilot. Since majority of my commute is on highways, I found myself turning this on after punching in my destination. Now the option is available for those that want it enabled from the start!

Next is “Require Lane Change Confirmation”. Previously, any time your car suggests changing lanes, it’ll notify you via an audible tone and shows it on the screen. Disabling it comes with the following prompt.

This does not make your vehicle autonomous. You must continue to keep your hands on the wheel and monitor the vehicle’s surroundings. Lane changes may happen quickly at any time and you must remain in control.

Now Teslas can perform lane changes automatically. It can notify you that a lane change is occurring if you want.

Autopilot can notify you that a lane change is starting by vibrating the steering wheel or playing a chime.

There’s one more thing to note. If we look at the release notes, we see that there’s a note here for the drivers.

Note: With confirmation turned off, lane changes will only be made once we’ve confirmed that the driver’s hands are on the wheel. Disabling lane confirmation does not abdicate the driver of their responsibility to keep their hands on the wheel, be engaged at all times and carefully monitor their car’s surroundings.

Though we are getting close to Full Self-Driving, it’s key to note that this is still in Beta. Drivers need to be vigilant at all times with their hands on the wheel. This does not mean that it’s time to take a nap or put your legs out the window while the car does it’s thing. Safety first!

So what are my initial impressions? It’s completely freaky and awesome at the same time! We are slowly inching towards Full Self-Driving. To have the car move on its own on the highway gave me goosebumps. There’s were so many times where I wanted to take control, but opted to let the car do it’s thing.

It performed did marvelously! I’ve also attached the video of my commute in San Diego on a Friday morning around 8 am. Watch it navigate through the traffic and automatically deciding which lanes to get on! Have you received the update yet? Let me know what your thoughts are!

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