My Model 3 right after delivery

On September 15, I’ve reached 1 year of ownership. I’ve driven my car for about 15k miles, mostly through Southern California with a couple of trips into Central California. During the past year, my car has changed so much! I received the car with software version 8, shortly got v9, and last month received v10.

There were so many new features including safety features while driving, DashCam, Sentry Mode, Navigate to AutoPilot, and Tesla Arcade. My car even got faster! It’s the first time since I’ve owned a car where my car got better within the first year with features.

How did I fare financially? As you know, I don’t really have a home charger. I still rent, and the unit isn’t very electrically sound. Putting an L2 charger in my garage would be expensive, and I would be footing the bill on that. And for a unit that I may only live in for another year, maybe two, I don’t think it’s worth it for me to install something significant. So if I need an emergency charge, I usually just plug into the wall outlet at 110V.

Also, at my work, we have chargers that the employees can use for free. I try as much as I can to limit my charging there. Recently with Model 3 release, the demand for the chargers has gone up exponentially, and my company is expanding our charging network to meet it. Because of this, at times I would plug my car into a 110V outlet to supplement my charge. With TeslaFi, I make sure I’m only charging between 12am & 6am. It’s also 9 cents per kWh, so it’s not going to cost me much.

My Model 3 on Sept 2019

Besides charging, there’s my “maintenance.” I put that in quotes because it’s not like a traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. The only two maintenance items I’ve needed were tire rotation and windshield fluid. I haven’t had to change my air filters or do any brake work. But honestly, that’s about it. There’s no belts, or oil change, or transmission fluids. So let’s look at my total expense.

Charging (@ home)$487.22
Tire Rotation (by Tesla)$62.50

At $549.72, that put my monthly expense at $45.81. And I drove 14,450.7 miles during that time, putting my cost per mile at $0.04! Compare that to our ICE vehicle. During that same time, I paid $207.35 in just gasoline alone while driving 1,343 miles. That put my cost per mile at $0.15! If I had driving the same distance as my Tesla, I would have paid close to $2,167.61 (14,450.7 x $0.15) in gas alone! That doesn’t include all the other maintenance costs I have to do as well!

Electric vehicle ownership has its benefits. I did get some rebates as well. I even got a rebate from SDG&E (San Diego Gas & Electric). However, 2019 might be the last year they run the program. If you remember, I even got some money back when I gave up my free Supercharging. I received over $13k back over the past year.

ItemMoney received
Federal tax credit$7,500
SDG&E rebate$850
Tesla refund$5,000
Tesla refund tax$387.50

There are a couple points I do want to make about this. The federal tax credit is no longer $7,500. It’s currently $1,875 and will be $0 on January 1. There’s also a state tax credit. In California, it’s $2,500. Unfortunately, I didn’t qualify for that. Most Californian residents should be able to receive it. For more information, check out their site.

With that said, my net cost is a negative $13,187.78! This will carry over to the next couple of years. I’ve never owned a car in which I not only enjoy driving the car, but I also love just sitting in the car! And with the new v10 software, it’s just gonna get better and more enjoyable. Here’s to another year of Tesla ownership!

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