Let me start by saying this; I’m not a truck guy. I never will be. Never understood the allure of them. Yet when Elon said he’s making a Blade Runner truck, it perked my interest. Then he mentioned that it’d be very different and most people wouldn’t like it. I was curious at this point. What could be so different about this truck that only a few people would like it?

Then on November 21, 2019, at the Tesla Design Studio at Hawthrone, California, Elon introduced Cybertruck to the world. And my reaction, like many folks watching, was, “Oh dear God, no.” It was like a DeLorean & a triangle had a baby! All I can think about was the car that Homer Simpsons created!

The car Homer Simpson designed from The Simpsons

My jaw dropped. All I can think of is that no one is going to buy this truck. I watched it shocked as Elon talked about the truck. From the size to bullet-proof doors and windows. I know it cracked, but at least the ball didn’t go through!. All I knew was that this thing couldn’t fit in my garage.

He showed the Cybertruck pulling the Ford F-150. That was pretty impressive. Then came the specs; my jaws dropped. I couldn’t believe that this massive metal was faster than my Performance Model 3. They even showed a Cybertruck outperforming a Porsche on a drag race!

Then the final piece came in: the range and the price. The range was 250+, 300+, and 500+ miles, with it costing $39.9k, $49.9k, and $69.9k, respectively. All of a sudden, this was on a different level. The Cybertruck went from ugly to one powerful, fast, and affordable vehicle!

So when the link flashed on the screen, I immediately went online on my phone to check out the configuration page. To my surprise, it was only $100. The best part of it, it was fully refundable. The page supported Apple Pay, so I only had to click the Apple button.

I was flustered, wasn’t sure what to get. Everything was happening so fast, and I finally decided to opt for the vehicle that would come later. Tesla is aiming to deliver the Tri-motor, 500-mile range in late 2022. The other two configurations are set for late 2021.

So I ordered it, and just in time. Shortly after I ordered, the site crashed. People were flocking to Telsa’s website to order this truck. The truck that was immediately spewing memes and jokes about it on the internet. I think many people like me figured, $100 fully-refundable deposit, why not. I can figure out if I like it later. Also, with the cost of Full-Self Driving (FSD) increasing over time, my deposit locks in the FSD cost at $7k!

So there you have it. I am once again a day one reservation holder for yet another polarizing Tesla vehicle, first one being a Model 3. All I was thinking about was that I’m most likely going to return the deposit after three years. Then I started seeing pictures and videos of the rides.

The interior was fantastic, spacious, easily fits six pretty comfortably. Like the Model 3 & Y, the interior was extremely minimalistic. If you look at the entire car, it missing a lot of things that are considered normal and regulatory here in the US. For instance, there are no side mirrors. The rearview mirror isn’t a mirror, but a video feed of what’s behind you. There’s no gear stalk, no autopilot stalk, no turn signal stalk. This vehicle is a shell of a prototype, or this is entirely on purpose.

Cybertruck with an optional ATV

If we look back to Tesla Autonomy Day, Elon is aiming for complete FSD by 2021. Coincidentally, that’s when the first Cybertruck comes out. My honest opinion is that the truck is the first Tesla vehicle explicitly made for FSD. Why do you need a gear stalk when the car can drive itself, turn signals, a stalk to activate Autopilot, side mirrors, or even a traditional steering wheel? If FSD makes it out before Cybertruck release, I wouldn’t be surprised if the steering wheel and the brake and acceleration pedals were removed as well.

If we also look at Tesla Autonomy Day, every car made after October 2016 was made with robotaxi in mind. Ryan McCaffrey said it best on the Ride the Lightning podcast, if you are planning on putting your car on the Tesla network, what better vehicle than the Cybertruck that’s built like a tank and can’t be scratched due to the stainless steel exoskeleton?

The aerodynamics seems impressive as well, even though people joked about the Cybertruck looking like it was designed by a child. Based on the designs, it looks like it’s very aerodynamic. It seems to also peak at 88 mph. If that’s true, that’s an ultimate Back to the Future reference!!

But that’s not what is turning me around on order. What did it for me was the matte black option. Until I saw this, my order went from, “securing FSD price” to “OMFG, I need this truck!” And even now, I can see myself owning this now. We still play hockey, and it would be easier for me to throw my goalie gear in the vault.

We’ve also been talking always about picking up skiing again. This truck will behave magnificently in the snow on the mountainous terrains. And with a 500-mile range, we don’t have to worry about tackling the mountains. We can easily go and come back with probably just a single charge. Maybe one Supercharger stop if we decide to go to Mammoth.

Tesla Model 3 next to a Cybertruck, courtesy of LikeTesla Kim

With all that said, with us living in the city and with no reason to ever move out, the Cybertruck still poses a challenge for us. It’s massive!! We have a tandem two-car garage, and we barely fit both cars in the garage. With a Cybertruck, this might have to live out on the street. Parking in our area is a bit limited.

Either way, it’s exciting to see this unfold. I’ve had people that I know that I rarely interact with ask me if I have seen the truck. It may be a polarizing truck, but everyone is talking about it — all without marketing. And as of me writing this, there are already more than 250k pre-orders!! I, for one, can’t wait to see this bad boy on the street! And on delivery day, I’m going to cosplay as a Cyberman from Doctor Who!

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