While most were off during Christmas & New Years, Elon took to Twitter, as usual, to answer more questions from individuals, and provided many insights on where Tesla is heading. There’s a lot to uncover. So let’s dig right in!


Great news for all you Baby Yoda fans, Disney+ will be coming as a standalone application. Right now, the only way to watch it is through the browser or the YouTube hack for full-screen mode.

No Multi-waypoint Navigation

It’s not just a no; it’s a hard no. While this has been a highly requested offer, Elon didn’t see the purpose of this feature. While Tesla automatically calculates when to stop at a Supercharger on long trips, we can’t enter multiple locations to visit along the way. It’s the one feature we heavily used on Google Maps that’s not on the Tesla.

Elon did provide an interesting workaround. He mentioned that we could enter an event on our calendar. Then the Tesla will automatically navigate to the location. While this is cool, it’s not exactly foolproof. You would have to when you will reach a place and how long you’ll be there. It doesn’t take into account traffic or if your plans go off schedule.

Phone notifications with images from Sentry events

Elon verified that getting photos to your phone on Sentry Events shouldn’t be an issue. That’s fantastic news. There’s nothing scary than getting a notification on your phone that the Sentry alarm went off. The possibility of getting a photo might help calm some nerves to determine if it’s a false alarm or if you have to hustle back to the car.

Sofiaan did bring up the possibility of getting low res videos. Videos may not come because it’ll be a bit expensive. Especially when people have to pay for their connectivity on their Teslas.

More camera available & disable auto-lock for home

Tesla, in the future, should be able to use the side cameras to help pull into tight spots. These video videos will help folks to see how close you are to other cars and even the curbs. I’m assuming still could be pulled up like rear camera feed.

An option to disable auto-lock is coming as well. This feature is excellent for those that have a garage. I have to make multiple trips when I pack my hockey equipment in my car. Every time I close the door, it locks when I move far enough. If I happened to leave my phone on the shelf, I could no longer open the door. I have to go back and grab my phone.

I typically don’t lock my doors on my previous cars when parked in the garage, especially since our apartment is two floors above the garage. If I quickly run down the stairs and don’t have my phone or keycard with me, I would have to go back upstairs and get it. Once this feature is out, I, for one, will have it disabled in my garage!

Navigate to home, work or calendar will be part of user profile

Whether I’m going home or going to work, my car will automatically navigate to it. It even navigates based on calendar events. However, I was unaware that it wasn’t not tied to a profile. Mainly cause I’m the only driver of my car.

But it looks like soon it’ll be linked to a specific profile. So if my wife is driving my car, it would learn from her patterns, be able to drive to her work, and navigate based on her calendar events. Great for multi-driver and multi-Tesla families. Especially useful when we get our second Tesla at some point.

Nap Mode

There have been many times where I have been driving and been extremely tired. While Autopilot can help extend my trips, driving while sleepy is still dangerous. Sleep deprivation is just as dangerous as drunk driving.

As someone that got into an accident because I fell asleep behind the wheel, this is great. Being able to pull over on the side of the road and take a nap is beneficial. Even 20 mins can help!

More payment options for In-App purchase

Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Venmo, and possibly more are coming as purchasing options. I’ve used Apple Pay with the Tesla site, and it works great. But if you are on the Tesla App, you might be out of luck. It looks like it doesn’t work in many countries due to regulatory reasons. Soon, making purchases in the Tesla app will be simple!

Drum kit Widget

Have you ever driven your car and want to play along with the music? Well, it looks like Trax could see an update so that you can do just that. Seeing that Trax is only in alpha, there looks like there’ll be more updates coming soon. Most likely making this more of a full-fledge music software tool like Abelton Live or Reason.

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