Compared to the last two weeks, this week was a bit slower. Tesla released its Q4 deliveries numbers. Elon visited Telsa Gigafactory 3 a year after the groundbreaking. A new feature might come out for cyclists. And the shorts are getting burned. So let’s dig in!

Elon visits Gigafactory 3 for fist customer deliveries

Elon visited Gigafactory 3 on January 7th for an event for the first customer deliveries of the Made-in-China (MIC) Model 3s. This date is a year after it’s groundbreaking ceremony. It’s incredible to think that a year ago, it was just an empty dirt land. Now it’s a large factory pumping out Model 3s.

Tesla also launched its Model Y project here. So now, when the time comes, the factory will be making both Model 3 & Ys. As we know, the Model Y shares a lot of the same parts as the Model 3. It makes sense to have them both here. It also gives Tesla the advantage of having a sedan & CUV in the Chinese market!

2019 Q4 Vehicle Production & Deliveries

Q4 marked a fantastic quarter for Tesla. There were a large number of vehicles delivered. They, once again, surpassed their production and delivery numbers. Tesla was able to produce about 105,000 vehicles and deliver over 112,000 vehicles.

On January 1st, 2020, the Federal Tax credit went away. Some of this push is partly because of this. One might think that the demand for vehicles would drop in Q1. However, if you go to the design studio, all the vehicles are still 4-7 weeks out.

This delay shows that Tesla still doesn’t have a demand constraint. The demand is there. Tesla has a production constraint, which isn’t a terrible place to be. Unlike other manufacturers that have so many unsold cars year after year, Tesla is selling every car they make! This production constraint is also why GF3 & GF4 are essential in Tesla’s roadmap.

Read the news release by clicking here.

“Dooring” feature

If you live in a large city, many people ride bikes through the streets. I used to ride my bike to work when I lived in Chicago. And one of the things I would keep an eye out is parked cars. People would parallel park their cars and then swing their door wide open without looking while getting out.

Many cyclists get injured this way, and sometimes causes fatalities. Dooring is one of the many reasons why many cities started building protected bike lanes. This feature is excellent news for cyclists!

Short burn!

Over Christmas, we saw the stock reach $420. Yesterday we saw it skyrocket, reaching close to $500! This rise is putting some major squeeze on anyone shorting the stock. Folks are either covering their losses or entirely in denial. Tesla is here to stay. At this point, I don’t see how anyone can continue to short the stock or can’t acknowledge Tesla’s success and growth in the past couple of years.

Tesla Tip of the Week

Here’s an Easter Egg that’s been around for a while. This Easter Egg is for fans of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Rename your car to 42. When you save it, you’ll see the name of your change to something new.

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