This week’s post is a shorter one. I move the weekly blog post from Thursday to Tuesday. This week I’m looking at several of Elon tweets, starting with a big one, feature-complete full self-driving. Let’s dive in!

Feature Complete Full Self-Driving

Full Self-Driving is coming! Someone on Twitter did pose the question to Elon, which he responded with “soon.” What does that mean? Well, it’s not Level 5 autonomy. So don’t expect to start your drive and decide to take a nap.

Feature complete means is that everything needed for city driving will be released. However, it still needs to use Machine Learning to keep learning different driving behavior and terrain. Take this as a first release. It’s going to extremely buggy where you’ll have to be extra cautious. FSD release is more a start, but a big step forward to reaching Level 5 Autonomy.

Global Search

My friend John from Tesla Owners Silicon Valley asked about Global Search in the Tesla. Elon responded with, “Sure.” This feature is excellent, especially when we get more sources to watch videos. Having one place to search for content is phenomenal, as you don’t have to focus on knowing which provider is hosting the video.

Talking Tesla

Elon not only came out with a new name “Buff Mage,” but a new video with the Tesla driving telling the pedestrians, “Well, don’t just stand there staring, hop in.” While this is comical, this can be useful when Robotaxis comes out. If the goal is to have vehicles pick up individuals without a driver, we’ll need the cars to communicate with pedestrians.

We don’t know if this will work on Teslas built before September 2019. The vehicles built around and after this have a pedestrian noise makers added to the cars. I’m assuming it’s utilizing those speakers to talk to people. If the capability works with older models, the earlier models would have started making sounds as well.

Tesla Tip of the Week

As more we get more new Tesla owners, it’s essential to reiterate tips we found throughout the years. This week comes from my good friend, @InElonWeTrust__. Want to quickly navigate to your home, work, or destination in the calendar? Just swipe down on the Tesla nav button for the car, and your car’s navigation will automatically navigate to home, work, or destination in the calendar.

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