This week, I cover Model Y, Model 3 disruption, the Supercharging pricing, and the allegations of unintended acceleration. So let’s get moving!

Model Y might be closer than you think!

Trevor from Tesla Owners Online reported recently that the Model Y VINs were registered with NHTSA. VIN registration is significant because this is a necessary step before they decide it’s time to deliver the vehicles. With the influx of Model Y sightings, it’s not surprising that this is happening. My guess, just like before, many of these will go to employees before it goes to the general public. 

As for the timeline, it looks like it might be happening real soon! It could be as early as February 1! By the end of the year, I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing more Model Ys than Model 3s on the road, especially here in California. Seeing how in the US, SUVs/CUVs are more popular than Sedans, I see these becoming the more popular Tesla option.

For myself, I’m still not sold on the Model Y. The unveiling was very underwhelming. As someone that loves the Model X, I’m not sure if I would want a second vehicle that similar to my 3. That said, I’m sure my opinions might change once I sit in the Model Y.

I felt similar during the Model 3 unveiling. I wasn’t a fan of the landscape orientation of the center screen. Even though I was a day-one reservation holder, I didn’t purchase the car till after I got to drive it. The difference here is that the Model Y was not a fully refundable reservation, but an actual non-refundable order. While I still think it’s going to be extremely popular, I’ll reserve my judgment when I get in the Y!

Model 3 is kicking ass and taking names!

With Model Y around the corner and Cybertruck on the horizon, Model 3 shows no indication of slowing down! In December, Tesla sold approximately 27,000 Model 3s. It might not sound a lot, but no other manufacturer has been able to do this in 2019 itself!!

Not only is the Model 3 popular in the BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles) segment, but it’s disrupting the major luxury brands in ways we haven’t seen before! For the price, features, and the gas & maintenance savings, it doesn’t surprise me that people are ditching these cars in favor of a Model 3!

Roadtripping on a Tesla is a lot cheaper than the competitors

The biggest draw for me on Tesla is the Supercharger network. Not only is it fast, but it’s less expensive than many of the competitors! If you compare the prices for electricity between ChargePoint, Blink, and others, it can cost a lot. Many of them charge by the hour, regardless of how much kWh was received!

IONITY, Tesla’s competitor in Europe, just updated their pricing to 0.79 Euros per kWh. Tesla’s Supercharger pricing is about 0.25 Euros per kWh. It’s over 3x cheaper than IONITY. This move is terrible for competitors. The biggest concern for new BEV owners revolves around charging. If you make the cost of charging more expensive than gasoline, you will not successfully transition folks from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) to BEV. You are also going to drive people straight to Tesla. Read the original article here.

Please repeat after me; there is no unintended acceleration!

Between short-sellers and misleading news articles, there’s been a lot of press about accidents caused by Tesla without the driver pressing the accelerator pedal. This time, Tesla has taken this allegation head-on in their latest blog post.

As long as I can remember, I’ve seen people accelerating their cars into buildings thinking their car was in reverse when it was actually in drive. I’ve also seen people get flustered and mistakenly hit the gas pedal while thinking they were pressing the brake pedal. It happens more so when we introduce distracted drivers. Why would the behavior be any different in a Tesla?

What’s different is that drivers are now blaming the car instead of themselves. Introduce short-sellers that have lost LOTS of money and creating a petition to get NHTSA involved to cause some damage to Tesla. I’m glad Tesla decided to address this head-on! And on top of that, Tesla collects data on everything that happens on the vehicle. And each time, it has clearly shown, human error is at fault!

I partly believe that this petition is an attempt to bring the Tesla stock price down. The short-sellers are getting desperate. At this point, you are better covering your losses and hope to recoupe some other way. I can’t see how you can short the stock at this point. Telsa is moving full speed ahead; there’s no stopping them now!

Tesla Tip of the Week

By default, your car automatically unlocks when you place your vehicle in Park. If you are like me and live in densely populated areas, that might not be ideal. There are many times where I would park my car and wait for someone. The last thing I need is someone walking into my car and opening the door. So I turn this off by hitting the toggle in Controls > Locks > Unlock on Park.

Now, if I want to unlock all the doors, I can press the Park button a second time after I put the car in Park. Unlocking the doors this way is true whether you have “Unlock on Park” enabled or disabled. It’s a quicker shortcut than reaching for the screen and pressing the tiny lock icon on top of the screen.

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