No air suspension for the 3 & Y

Rumors quickly spread on Twitter that the Model 3 would receive air suspension. The part number for the air suspension appeared in Tesla’s official parts catalog.

As soon as it got reported, Elon was there to shut it down quickly. He responded to Teslarati saying that the 3 & Y would not get the air suspension, only the S/X & Cybertruck will. Read Teslarati’s original article here.

SolarGlass Roof

SolarGlass Roof was big news last week with both Elon & Tesla promoting it. Videos of these getting installed have been popping up on Twitter. It looked marvelous because they looked like regular tiles and looked seamless with the rest of the house. If and when I get a forever home, I want to have my roof installed with these.

Elon was on Twitter to answer some of the questions regarding the tiles. As usual, he was open to ideas brought to by folks. First, there’ll be more color options. Different colors would be great where you would want different tiles to match your house. But the two big answers I saw had to do with winter. First snow & ice will slide right off. Second, there looks like there might be an option in the future to have the glass heated to take care of the snow & ice that’s leftover.

Possible new Gigafactory

There were hints that there might be a new Gigafactory in Texas. Specifically, Austin, as Elon changed his location to Austin, TX. Not surprising as there’s a massive engineering presence in Texas. Many companies and engineers are leaving the state of California due to the higher taxes and cost of living.

“Micro map” sharing

Teslas gather a lot of information from their cameras and sensors. You can get a sense of what’s on the road, like stop signs, signal lights, potholes, construction, etc. As the fleet increases, this will allow Tesla to share the data, in real-time, to the rest of the fleet. And it looks like this could happen soon. The “Micro map” could probably assist with sending real-time data to the FSD computer, which in turn can help navigate efficiently based on recent data.

More backup cameras

My friend John, from Tesla Owners Silicon Valley, was able to get another reply from Elon. This time it was for asking about having the side cameras show up while backing out. This idea is fantastic. It’s especially useful backing out of tight spots. I would love to be able to pull this up any time when turning in tight spots where I might hit the curb!

Tip of the Week

My tip of the week has to do with text messages. When you get a text message, you get a prompt to have your car read your text when you press the card on the screen. If you are driving, taking your eyes off the road and onto the screen can be dangerous.

However, there’s another way. When a text message comes up, you can press the right scroll wheel. This action will open the text message and read it out to you. If you want to respond, while the card is still up, you can press the right scroll to begin the dictation of your reply. When you finish your response, you can press the right scroll wheel button again to send it the message.