Long Range Plus on the S & X

When you thought the range bump was over for a while with the S & X, there’s now a Long Range Plus version that just got released. Model S now has 390 miles, and the Model X now has 351 miles. While other EVs are struggling at getting cars over 300 miles of range, Tesla somehow is working its magic and pushing the 400 miles limit. In fact, Elon might have already suggested this in one of his replies. With the right tire/wheel combo, getting over 400 miles is possible!!

Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive Model 3 is back

The ever-efficient, Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive Model 3 is back! But…it’s in China. Twitter user @Jay in Shanghai reported that it’s listed on the official China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website.

China seems to be promoting efficient EVs. If we remember, when the Performance Model 3s came out in China, they were equipped with smaller, more efficient 19″ Gemini wheels. It’s only recently that they were made available here in the US. And if you plan on producing the Model 3, why not keep the most efficient one built!

100k+ Model 3 reservations in China

Jay also mentioned that Model 3 reservations have exceeded 100k+ reservations. This is based on the VIN registration. This great news as the demand from China is proving that the Gigafactory location is obviously the correct choice. This alleviates the US Gigafactory from trying to match the demand of China and the rest of the world. 

Rear Heated Seats for Model 3 SR+

This is the second time we saw OTA upgrades available for purchase. This time it’s for Rear Heated Seats for Model 3 SR+. This excellent news for owners in colder climates if they want the passengers in the back needs to stay warm. It also provides additional revenue for Tesla post-delivery!

OTA Game Updates

It looks like the games are not tied to the software version of the car. Instead, Tesla can push updates as they come through. Similar to navigation updates. This makes sense to loosely couple these updates as they can iterate on their own speed and timeline. It would be interesting if this is a start for seeing OTA game downloads, similar to what we see on other gaming platforms like X-Box & PS4.

Specialized Service Centers

My friend, @InElonWeTrust__, mentioned on Twitter that the Service Centers in Orange County are being specialized. Santa Ana will now only service Model 3 owners, while Costa Mesa will help Model S & X. I’m sure in the future, Santa Ana will also service Model Y. It probably makes sense to separate these out, especially in areas like Orange County. Since there are many shared parts between the S & Y and between 3 & Y, they can focus on specific training and tools to get the cars out as quickly as possible.

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