When I created my video on 2020.12.5 and previewed the Dashcam Viewer, there was one thing I forgot to try out: Track Mode Videos! My USB drive I have in my Tesla didn’t have the folder “TeslaTrackMode.” So I never tried to see if I can view Track Mode videos.

So I went ahead and created the “TeslaTrackMode” folder on my drive. I opened the Dashcam Viewer, and I just saw three tabs, “Dashcam,” “Sentry,” and “Track.” I covered the “Dashcam” & “Sentry” tabs on 2020.12.5 release; I won’t go over that here.

Not surprisingly, there’s a new tab called “Track.” This tab works precisely like the other tabs. If there are no videos in the “TeslaTrackMode,” the “Track” tab will be disabled. Once there’s a video, the “Track” tab will be enabled. When you click on it, you can see the video like the others. However, it’s just the forward-looking camera, and Track mode only uses that.

The last test I wanted to do was to see if this works in a non-Performance Model 3. I messaged my friend on Twitter @InElonWeTrust__. He created the folder on his dashcam and put a video from my drive. When he plugged it into his car, he was able to view the “Track” tab and play the video with no issues. It seems like the “Track” tab is available on all cars, regardless if they have Track Mode.


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