Dashcam viewer was a great addition to the Tesla fleet. While living in the city, I get a lot of Sentry videos. Watching on my Model 3 screen is great in case I need to see something. But if I continually get a lot of videos, the last thing I want to do is sit there and view them all, especially if I have other people in the car with me.

During the times I’m home, I would need to plug it into my phone or view it on the computer. But there are many times where I would forget to put the drive back in my car! I thought to myself, there had to be a better way.

I always wanted to get a Raspberry Pi device that would capture everything, and when I get home, I can view it at the leisure of my couch. A year later, I barely touched my Raspberry Pi. But that’s where Jake came into the picture. He created Roadie for Tesla.

The original one was bigger; it wouldn’t have fit in my Jeda USB Hub. But recently, he created a slimmer version. This one fits in the Jeda Hub. It comes ready to use. All you have to do is plug it in. If you have Track Mode, you’ll need to add the “TeslaTrackMode” folder.

Behind the Roadie, there’s a unique QR code. This code is what you use to connect to your app. Once connected, you’ll be able to view the videos on your phone. You can also set it up so that when it connects to your home WiFi, you can access it like a network drive.

There’s one caveat, the car needs to be awake for me to access at home. That’s because this device is powered whenever the vehicle is awake. If it’s asleep, the USB ports shut off, and so does the drive. There is a power port here, which I’m assuming I can attach to the 12V source if I want it always on, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

So now I when I am home, I can open it up and view the videos from my laptop or my mobile device. On the mobile app, I can view Sentry, Saved & Recent events. I can also favorite my clips to view later, all by leaving the Roadie in the car. I can even go to my loft, where my home office is, and access the Roadie in my garage, which is four stories below me.

Laptop access is a bonus. I can view the videos directly from my computer. There’s no need for me to transfer the videos from the USB to my laptop. It is a read-only view, so I would need to move the files over to my computer if I want to edit the videos.

Overall, I love the Roadie. I was hesitant to replace my drive, especially after the dashcam viewer was released. But I’m happy that I did. It has complimented my use, especially since I do most of my viewing on my couch.

To catch my video review of it, take a look at my YouTube video. You can purchase the Roadie by going their website.


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